Case Study
Simon Densmer

150 Points in 10 Hours

Student Profile
G11 - Boise, Idaho
Dewey Smart Coach: Nithya - UCLA
Stuck in a rut, Simon didn’t know where to start with improving his SAT score, so he joined our 10 Hour SAT Camp. In that short amount of time, we saw a +150 Points increase in his score! 
Challenges Faced

Understanding Key Question Types in Each Section

Time Management

Math Section Subject Knowledge

Consultation Process

Simon began by taking our SAT Diagnostic Test, which we provide students who struggle to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is a particularly important part of the process to make efficient and effective use of time with a personally-tailored plan. From there, he benefited from understanding the broader strokes of the format, such as the various question types that comprise each section. Taking a step back like this to ‘study the test not only the content’ provided Simon confidence in his abilities as a test-taker and made a huge difference!

Key Results
We’re proud to share
Simon Densmer
's results:

+ 150 SAT POINTS (1360)

Reflections & Testimonials
Simon’s Experience with Dewey Smart

Nithya was really supportive and great! She was patient with me, and I really connected well with her to learn the material. Also, Michael and Emerson were great in guiding me, and I really appreciate everything they and their team did to support me along the way. Thanks again!

Simon Densmer
Nithya’s Experience Guiding Simon

When Simon began our sessions, he was apprehensive but determined, and it was evident that the SAT presented a considerable challenge for him. He simply didn’t think he could improve, especially not so much so quickly! However, I quickly sensed his commitment to improvement.

We began by identifying his strengths and weaknesses, which allowed us to tailor sessions to address specific areas that required his attention, and this step-by-step approach provided clear goalposts one at a time. He really responded well, and I couldn’t be more proud of him! 

Dewey Smart Coach
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