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Stressed about grades and end of semester exams? Looking for a tutor for multiple subjects? Find the best help from the smartest tutors in the country. The first step is to reach out to us so we can match your student with the perfect mentor.

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At Dewey Smart, our innovative near-peer model has brought about a paradigm shift in education. Our tutors have been selected from top universities in competitive majors such as engineering, biology and pre-medical tracks.

We connect ambitious students with mentors from prestigious institutions, creating a mentorship system that fosters not only academic excellence but also personal growth and career readiness. Our mentors serve as coaches and role models, guiding students on their educational journey, and making a more profound impact than just as a private online tutor

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Find a Harvard TutorCoach for applying to PrincetonCornell University Tutoring RatesYale Admissions Support and AdviceDartmouth TutorBrown University College Admissions helpUPenn College Tutor
Find a Harvard TutorCoach for applying to PrincetonCornell University Tutoring RatesYale Admissions Support and AdviceDartmouth TutorBrown University College Admissions helpUPenn College Tutor

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How Our Tutoring Leads to College
Better Grades + Test Scores + College Planning
Focus on bringing up your weak areas and building an outstanding resume for your passion subjects.
Maximize your application's potential with College Admissions Counseling from Dewey Smart. Fine-tune your essay idea, word choice, and sentence structure with comprehensive feedback and edits.
Ensure you don't miss any application deadlines or requirements by working with experienced Dewey Smart counselors who have been through the process themselves.
Discover scholarship, internship, and honor program opportunities with Dewey Smart.
The Dewey Difference

What you get with Dewey Smart Tutoring

The Dewey Smart method combines top Ivy League tutors with science-backed learning resources and study strategies. More than an online tutor, you’ll get a mentor and coach to help you on the path to getting into college.

Whether you need a tutor for homework help or major academic support, we will match you with a private tutor for 1 on 1 lessons and academic support.

Starting early is important, and with tutoring for 8th graders and above that includes college planning, Dewey Smart will help make sure you are ready. We can help with at-home tutoring in elementary school too!

Customized Tutoring Services
Our instruction is personalized to what your student is currently struggling with in school. They'll bring work from school and we'll help them master it. We also have a database of practice problems and projects to pull from.
Science-Backed Study Skills
On top of mastering their school work, your student will learn how to study effectively. We've developed a rigorous, science-backed study skills program to teach students students critical organization and planning skills.
One Company, Coaching Every Subject
Our team works with student on virtually every subject - English, Math, Science, History, and more. Our Ivy League tutors are AP, IB, SAT, and ACT whizzes. Instead of finding a different tutor for each subject, turn to the Dewey Smart team.
Teen Getting Help with College Admissions
Parents can get their teen connected with tutors at top, Ivy League colleges.

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Unlock Your College Potential with Expert Tutoring
How Tutoring Boosts Your College Journey
Tutoring plays a crucial role in guiding students through the intricate college application process. Here's how our expert tutors can empower you.
1. Understanding College Expectations
Gain insights into what colleges seek in applicants.
Tailored advice to align your strengths with college expectations.
2. Academic Support in Specific Subjects
Targeted tutoring to bolster your proficiency in challenging subjects.
Personalized learning plans to excel in key academic areas.
3. Admissions Exam Preparation
Comprehensive support to prepare for crucial admissions exams.
Proven strategies to ace standardized tests and stand out.
4. Expert Advice for College Interviews
Navigate college interviews with confidence and poise.
Personalized coaching to articulate your unique strengths.
5. Crafting Flawless Application Essays
Avoid common pitfalls in application essays.
Fine-tune your writing with expert guidance for impactful submissions.
Beyond Academics: Stress-Free College Admissions
Tutoring isn't just about academics; it's about nurturing holistic success. Our approach ensures.
1. Reduced Stress Levels
Motivational support to alleviate the stress of the college admissions journey.
Guided assistance through every step for a smoother experience.
2. Exceptional Student Satisfaction
96% of students rate their tutoring sessions as “helpful” or “super helpful.”
Realize your potential with tutors committed to your success.
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Explore our comprehensive tutoring services tailored for college-bound students.
1. College Tutoring Services
Expert tutors for a wide range of subjects.
Affordable rates designed for college students.
2. Exceptional Student Satisfaction
Accessible and effective online tutoring.
Connect with tutors from the comfort of your home.
3. Diverse Subject Expertise
From college math to essay writing, find the perfect tutor for your needs.
Comprehensive tutoring covering a spectrum of subjects.
Your Path to College Success Starts Here:Whether you're looking for a college tutor near you or seeking online tutoring services, we're here to empower your journey toward academic excellence. Take the first step today.
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