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What do you want to be when you grow up?
How should you choose a college major?
When do you need to start planning for college?

Earlier and earlier, students are pressured to decide their life’s path, but that’s far easier said than done. Dewey Smart understands the urgent challenges students face when exploring options and making plans, and our Admissions Counseling provides the answers.

The Reality: The sooner your student begins college planning, the better the chances for college admissions. Working with Dewey Smart, your student will have all the help needed with college admissions planning and building a shining high school résumé - starting today!

Your Path, Our Purpose & Services
At Dewey Smart, our purpose is clear: to guide students toward academic success and prepare them for college and career-readiness. We believe in empowering students with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate pathways confidently.
Subject & Career Exploration
Unsure of your interests? No worries! Students often struggle to decide which subject area to pursue. We provide a comprehensive overview of what it means to study this versus that and the opportunities that each subject offers on the horizon.
Academic Planning Help
Whether you’re in a Common Core, AP, IB, GCSE, or A-Level curriculum, we outline what subjects to take and when to take them. Taking classes during certain grades can mean the difference between your college admissions dreams and nightmares.
Allow us to map your way to academic success!
Test Preparation Services
“Do I really need to take the SAT or ACT? What’s the difference anyway?”
“Should I sit for my AP Exams, and does it matter if I get a 3 or a 5?”
“My IBDP Coordinator gave me a ‘Predicted Score’. Huh?”
“How many A-Levels do I actually need to graduate high school?”
Our Tutoring & Test Prep has the answer to your every question!
Our comprehensive services help students understand their subjects and standardized tests and make personal plans that maximize their potential for college admissions.
College Prep Services Beyond Planning
Learn more about our options in specific Subject Tutoring, SAT/ACT Test Prep, and More!
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Predicted Scores in Each Exam

Personal Study Strategies
College Application Assistance
College admissions committees ask what you plan to study. Do you have an answer?
Whether you’re ‘Undecided’ or have a major in mind, how you declare your academic path in college applications has a tremendous impact on your admissions decisions.
Some majors are more or less competitive than others, and understanding the nuances of different majors within a broad discipline of study can open or shut higher education doors. We show students How to Choose a Major, identifying their best option at each university to align with career goals, as well as admissions dreams and potential!
The Dewey Smart Approach to College Planning
Conduct a Comprehensive Profile Analysis
We evaluate students’ academic strengths and weaknesses, which may include previous academic performance and standardized test scores, to gain insights into their learning styles, subject proficiencies, and areas for improvement.
Match You With a Coach Who Knows the Way Exactly
Our coaches are valedictorians, salutatorians, research scientists, entrepreneurs, wealth managers, AP Scholars, National Merit Scholars, and all-around impressive members of their communities who enjoy working with students of all backgrounds. We match you with your ‘best fit’ coach - who has personal experience entering Ivy League & Top Universities in your area of interest!
Computer Science
Liberal Arts
Visual Arts
Social Sciences
& More
Personalize Academic Counseling
We engage students in one-on-one academic counseling sessions to discuss our assessment results and gather additional information about their goals, aspirations, and challenges. During these sessions, we create a personalized academic plan that aligns with their objectives and supports good study habits, time management, or subject-specific skills.
Track & Measure Progress
Track & Measure Progress: We utilize organized systems to ensure all goals are being met. Periodic reviews of personalized academic plans allow for adjustments based on achievements and challenges, and we communicate progress to both students and their parents to foster a collaborative approach toward academic success.
Teen Getting Help with College Admissions
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