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Unlocking Your Future with Purposeful Extracurriculars
Students Must Be More Than Their Scores.
Navigating the labyrinth of extracurricular activities can be overwhelming for students who don’t know which way to turn. The pressure to choose a direction that aligns with college and career goals is real, and many students find themselves lost, unsure of where to start or how to stand out above the hedge.

Without extracurriculars to showcase individuality, passions, and interests outside of classroom academics, students risk being rejected by admissions officers bored by blandness.
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Build a Resume That Tells a Story
At Dewey Smart, we understand that each student’s journey is unique. Extracurricular activities not only make an applicant's profile more interesting but also provide a peek into personality, values, and potential contributions to the college community. They’re opportunities for students to showcase who they are beyond cold academic achievements and standardized test scores. Whether it's providing Summer Activities to Boost Your Resume or Launching a High School Passion Project, we've got something for you!
We Identify Exciting Opportunities for You
Research Programs
Passion Projects
Volunteering &
Community Service
Summer Coursework
Clubs & Leadership Positions
& More!
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We Compose Compelling Narratives
Extracurriculars are all part of the bigger picture of you.

The overall compilation of your extracurriculars demonstrates the themes and attributes of your character, and college admissions committees want to know how you’ll contribute to their current cast on campus.

We work closely with students to ensure that they’re well-rounded, not simply doing more of the same. Your resume should showcase a diversity of skills, and we make sure of that!
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We’re Your Alarm Clock & Calendar
Wake up! You have less time than you think.

High school isn’t four-years-long. Most freshmen are too overwhelmed to plan and execute impressive extracurricular experiences. Senior Year? Nonexistent. You’re submitting college applications in early Fall.

Dewey Smart helps students create personalized plans that make the most of their precious time.
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Work with a Personal College Counselor
Who Knows Your Field
Our Ivy League & Top University Coaches have personally been accepted into programs in your area of interest. What extracurriculars did the trick? We’ve got the answers!
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Why Dewey Smart is Your Difference-Maker
We Don’t Believe in Cookie-Cutting
We’re not just throwing you into the same old options as everyone else. Our one-on-one counseling ensures personalized guidance, tailored to your individual needs, interests, and goals.
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We Know What’s Out There
Dewey Smart offers an array of extracurricular opportunities that resonate with you. We provide local, regional, and national options, so you don’t have to waste another moment searching.
Our Opportunity Database Has Hundreds of Options.
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We Teach Relevant Skills
Dewey Smart doesn’t just identify extracurricular activities; we help you develop the skills necessary to execute them. Whatever skills you need to ensure your extracurricular excellence, we’ll teach them. After all, coders have to code, and lawyers have to law.
We’re More Than Just Consultants; We’re Subject Matter Experts.
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We’re Here to Help With College Planning & Admissions

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