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Creating the Perfect College List
Dewey Smart is Your Partner for Choosing Schools & Majors
Researching and crafting your college list can be a complicated process. Every year, we help students plan for their higher education journey with Reach, Target, and Safety schools that align with their profiles, as well as their college and career goals - taking mystery out of the equation!
The Wrong School List Can Mean the Difference between Acceptance & Rejection
The right college list is not just a random selection of schools but a thoughtful and strategic compilation that takes into account your academic strengths, personal preferences, and professional goals. It increases your chances of being accepted into institutions that are the right fit for you - where you can thrive!
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We Don’t Just Build Lists - We Compile Data & Develop Organized Dockets
We support your journey. From brainstorming to deep program research and college planning, Dewey Smart understands your Fit Factors for Choosing a School. Our counselors consider every factor that goes into building the best college list for you:
Types of Schools
No matter the size and shape of your ambition, we’re here to help you research schools and build your college list. We can support you Finding Target Schools by major and program, by acceptance rates and GPA, and any other factors to help you decide what colleges to reach for. We support with every single type of college:
Community Colleges
Liberal Arts Colleges
Public Universities
Private Universities
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
Religious Schools
Military Academies
Art & Design Schools
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Location Preferences
Geographic location matters. Choosing in-state or out-of-state options depends on a variety of factors we take into consideration, including costs, climate, and cultural aspects, as well as your preference for an urban, suburban, or rural area for college. We support every preference:
Sports Culture
Small Class Sizes
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Academic & Professional Paths
Not all schools invest in the same resources for students, and your college list should reflect your academic and professional paths. We identify colleges with the majors, faculty, facilities, and career opportunities geared toward your future.
Computer Science
Liberal Arts
Visual Arts
Social Sciences
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The Dewey Smart Approach to Your College Search
We Eat Data for Breakfast
Our Team compiles data from thousands of schools across the country and filter it to align with your profile and goals. Understanding the quantitative factors behind admissions is absolutely essential and will be a big part of creating your college list.
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We get behind the numbers and the trends
Every college is legally required to publish all the nitty-gritty details of their admissions preferences too boring for most mortals to digest. But, not for us. It’s our responsibility to dive into oceans of information and deliver you the pearls.
We Have Mastered the Art of Organization
When we create your college list, we create a spreadsheet of options tailored to you. All the data you need to make informed, exciting decisions is in one place, and you know exactly where you stand with every school.
School Name
EA/ED Deadline
Reg. Deadline
Acceptance %
Avg. GPA
Tuition Cost
Student Pop.
My Major(s)
Admissions Phone
Admissions Email
My Notes
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Hear from the Students Themselves
Our ‘Near-Peer Model’ matches you with dedicated college counselors who align with your interests and live and breathe the campus air you seek.

Learn about day-to-day life and the opportunities provided at schools on your list from those who actually attend them. Visit Our Team.
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