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Launching Your High School Passion Project
Dewey Smart is your guide to building something that matters.
We help high school students stand-out with hands-on opportunities to demonstrate their personal interests - bringing ideas to life in order to make an impact in the world and admissions applications.
Most Students Fail to Demonstrate a Specific Interest
Embarking on the journey to college is exciting, but it comes with its unique challenges. By the time they hit 11th Grade, most students have already failed to demonstrate a specific interest in a topic that inspires them to do more.

It’s absolutely imperative that students find a narrow focus to investigate and champion. Universities want applicants who are driven by purpose, and the best way for students to prove themselves is a well-developed passion project.
We’ll Take You From Concept to Concrete Passion Project
No matter the size or scale of students’ ambition, our team of college counselors will guide them every step of the way, so they can stand-out from the boring crowd. Dewey Smart helps students showcase their passions with exciting projects to improve their college admissions potential.
Passion Project Identification
Personalized consultations to uncover unique student interests and strengths
Guidance in selecting a passion project that aligns with college and career goals
Skills Development
Identification of skills gaps as opportunities for personal growth
Instructional sessions for subject-specific skills necessary to project completion
Project Supervision
Collaborative sessions to refine and enhance projects
Resource provision to achieve subject-specific outcomes
Admissions Strategy
Tailored assistance in incorporating students’ passion projects into their college applications
Comprehensive guidance on crafting compelling personal statements and essays linked to passion projects
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The Dewey Smart Approach to Your Student’s Passion Project
Align Mentorship
We match students with our college counselors based on their shared subject-interest, goals, and challenges to ensure greatness
Enter the Idea Factory
We evaluate students’ academic and extracurricular profiles to best understand their opportunities for personal growth and social impact.
Map a Customized Plan
We set milestones and timelines to ensure project progress and success, with regular check-ins and communication.
Scale Project Outreach
We help students grow teams of friends, classmates, and like-minded individuals to increase the reach of their projects.
Press the Launch Button
We countdown to lift-off and ensure the launch of students’ passion projects for all to see.
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If your student does not have a creative way to express a subject interest, then a passion project is one of the best solutions. Our Team of Ivy League & Top University College Counselors is here to help!