Case Study
Shrila Esturi

How to Enter Caltech, Georgia Tech, and UC Berkeley

Student Profile
G12 - Mountain View, California
Christine: Yale University
Shrila came to Dewey Smart with dreams of entering some of the most competitive universities for STEM in the entire country, and those dreams came true!
Challenges Faced
Top STEM Application Strategy
Application Essay-Writing
Interview Preparation
Consultation Process

At Dewey Smart, we're no strangers to Ivy League & Top Universities, so we know that the applications to these schools can be both intimidating and grueling. The first and most important step in the process was for Christine to help Shrila was to create a manageable timeline with key milestones for them to reach in a very procedural way. By de-mystifying such hallowed halls of education, Christine ensure that Shrila felt confident in herself and their strategy working together.

From there, Christine created a dedicated Google Drive folder to brainstorm, outline, write, and revise all of the many Application Essays. As a Californian, Shrila needed to submit both the Common Application and the UC Application, each of which has its own set of writing requirements that require strategy and insight to create compelling applications. They worked on the Personal Statement, the UC Personal Insight Questions, and the Supplemental Essays, which totaled in the dozens! Generally-speaking, the tougher and more competitive the school, the more essays there are to write, and students often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content that must be created. This is where Christine helped! 

Not to be forgotten, Interview Preparation can make or break acceptances into the best colleges in the United States, and students who entered into interviews unprepared regret it. Christine guided Shrila through the various interview formats, questions, and DOs and DONTs.

Key Results
We’re proud to share
Shrila Esturi
's results:
Georgia Tech
UC Berkeley
Reflections & Testimonials
Shrila's Experience with Dewey Smart:

I was very glad I chose Dewey Smart for College Counseling! 

My mentor gave me amazing feedback on my essays and guided me through the whole college process. My priority was to get acceptances into top schools, but I knew that meant writing presentable essays that I was proud of when I submitted them. We were able to coordinate our sessions through busy schedules to meet our goals. The interview preparation I received was solid, and I got tons of help framing all of my extracurriculars in ways that improved my overall application in a presentable format.

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Shrila Esturi
’s Case
How to Enter Caltech, Georgia Tech, and UC Berkeley

Shrila came to Dewey Smart with dreams of entering some of the most competitive universities for STEM in the entire country, and those dreams came true!

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