Our Team Knows a Good Story
Craft a College Application Narrative that Stands Out
Let’s Establish Themes that Scream Uniqueness
Dewey Smart believes every student has a distinctive personal story to tell. In the fiercely competitive world of college applications, standing out is not just an option; it’s a necessity!
Perfect GPAs and Test Scores Are Not Enough
Grades and test scores open doors. However, compelling narratives are the only way to walk through them. Don’t just be another applicant. Be the one admissions committees remember!

Everyone loves a good story. College application narratives are stories that students tell about themselves in their applications, leveraging real-life experiences that contribute to their character development - proving college and career readiness.
Have No Idea Where Your Student’s Story Begins?
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Why Defining a Narrative Matters
In a nearly endless ocean of applications, a good narrative sets your student apart. Colleges seek more than academic results; they crave authenticity, passion, and diversity. A narrative is the bridge connecting achievements to dreams, creating a lasting impression on admissions officers.
We Shape Stories That Leave Indelible Marks
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Clear Differentiation: Stand out from the crowd with a distinctive story and clear narrative that showcases individuality.
Memorable Impression: Make a lasting impression on admissions officers who are looking for more than just academic achievements.
Increased Confidence: Gain confidence in your student’s applications, knowing that they reflect a true, best self.
Proven Engagement: Showcase experiences aligned with a narrative to prove your student’s made the most of every opportunity for growth.
The Dewey Smart Guide to Not Being a Robot
Students Are More Than Scores
If you think playing piano, shooting a basketball, or earning a 4.0 GPA makes your student special, you’re probably a robot.

These days, it takes creativity to find ways for students to prove they’re different from the millions of others applying to college each year. Our Ivy League & Top University counselors have a proven record of identifying opportunities for students to gain meaningful experiences that demonstrate real personality.
We Craft compelling Narrative for Students’ Admissions Applications
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How Dewey Smart Helps Students Craft Their Narrative
Personalized Consultation
We engage in one-on-one consultations with students to understand their individual goals, no matter the size of their ambition.
Strategic Planning
We develop a customized roadmap to highlight students’ strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and showcase their uniqueness.
Academic & Extracurricular Resources
We provide a wealth of resources aligned with students’ college and career aspirations.
Essay Mastery
We help brainstorm, draft, and revise compelling application essays that tell your story with authenticity and flair.
Application Optimization
We curate well-rounded applications that establish over-arching themes and maximize your chances of acceptance.
Teen Getting Help with College Admissions
Ready to Prove You’ve Lived Life?

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You’re alive! Prove it. Prove that you haven’t just had your head buried in books, that you’ve looked up and seen a thing or two, grown as a person with hopes and dreams to make the world better tomorrow than it was yesterday.

Your future awaits. Let’s make it extraordinary together!