Demonstrating a Commitment to Social Impact
Volunteering & Community Service Opportunities
Dewey Smart is your source for ways to make a difference.
We not only help students earn hundreds of hours of opportunities at local, national, and international levels but also do so in ways that align with their college and career goals to impress college admissions committees.
Most Students Volunteer at Random
Engaging in Volunteering & Community Service is always the right thing to do! However, most students fail to link their social impact efforts with their overall college admissions strategy. This means they’re missing out on using their time and energy in positive ways that also develop skills or knowledge associated with their proposed major.

Students must combine their personal passions with Volunteering & Community Service opportunities in order to truly stand-out.
Don’t Have a Social Impact Strategy?
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Dewey Smart Places You in Positions to Make a Difference
We understand the critical importance of Volunteering & Community Service in college admissions preparation. Beyond stellar GPAs and test scores, universities increasingly seek well-rounded students who demonstrate a commitment to their communities. Many application essays require it!

But, what are those mysterious communities in need, and how can students support them?
Placement into Opportunities
Custom in-person and virtual opportunities to gain volunteering hours and experience that align with students’ personal passions and interests.
Individual scheduling management to balance all academic, extracurricular, and personal commitments.
Skill Enhancement Workshops
Essential skills development prior to students’ volunteer work.
Continuous access to resources and workshops throughout volunteering.
College Application Integration
Assisted integration of students’ experiences into their college applications, emphasizing the skills gained, lessons learned, and the social impact they’ve made.
Facilitated connection between students and project leaders for potential letters of recommendation highlighting their dedication and contribution.
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The Dewey Smart Approach to Your Student’s Social Impact
Align Mentorship
We match students with Ivy League & Top University counselors based on their shared subject-interest, goals, and challenges to ensure greatness
Set Intentional Goals
We help students define clear objectives for their volunteering experience, such as gaining leadership skills, contributing to a specific cause, or developing expertise in a particular field.
Match Customized Opportunities
We utilize a comprehensive database of volunteer and community service opportunities to match students with projects that align with their academic interests, personal values, and skill sets.
Assist in Placement
We assist students of all ages in their contact with organizations, as well as application and placement into opportunities.
Solicit Recommendations
We guide students in the identification of organization leaders and personnel  for letters of recommendation to be used in college applications.
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