Case Study
Finn Hazen

How Finn Entered His Top 3 Engineering Schools

Student Profile
Dewey Smart Counselor: Chase - Columbia University
Finn knew he wanted to enter some of the best Engineering programs in the country, but he wasn't certain how. He had heard a lot of vague advice about college applications on social media, and he needed help discerning fact from fiction.
Challenges Faced
Creating a School List
Writing Application Essays
Designing an Application Strategy

G12 student Finn navigated the intricate and demanding college admissions process, aspiring to gain acceptance into the top Engineering schools in the country. One of the primary challenges he faced was meeting the exceptionally high academic standards required by these prestigious institutions. With a rigorous curriculum that included advanced placement courses in mathematics, physics, and computer science, Finn constantly strove to maintain stellar grades while also excelling in standardized tests. The intense pressure to outperform his peers and secure top scores added a significant level of stress to his already demanding academic schedule.

In addition to academic pressures, Finn also contended with the need to build a standout extracurricular profile. Engineering schools not only seek students with strong academic records but also those who demonstrate a genuine passion for the field through hands-on experience and projects. Finn spent countless hours participating in robotics clubs, science fairs, and internships to showcase his dedication to engineering. Balancing these commitments with his academic responsibilities often left him feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Furthermore, the task of crafting compelling application essays that effectively conveyed his passion for engineering and highlighted his unique experiences posed another significant hurdle. Finn had to find a way to articulate his story in a manner that resonated with admissions committees, making this a critical and challenging aspect of his college application process.

Consultation Process

To help Finn navigate the challenging college admissions process and gain acceptance into Northwestern University, the University of Washington, and Purdue University, his college counselor Chase implemented several strategic approaches. First, Chase focused on addressing Finn’s academic pressures by creating a tailored study schedule that balanced his coursework with test preparation. He arranged for Finn to participate in study groups and provided access to tutoring resources for his advanced placement courses. This helped Finn improve his understanding of complex subjects and manage his time more effectively. Additionally, Chase advised Finn on effective stress management techniques, such as mindfulness practices and regular exercise, to help him maintain a healthy balance between academics and personal well-being.

Chase also played a crucial role in enhancing Finn's extracurricular profile and crafting compelling application essays. He encouraged Finn to focus on a few key activities where he could demonstrate significant impact and leadership, rather than spreading himself too thin. This involved joining our 100% Guaranteed Internship program. Chase also helped Finn launch his own personal passion project teaching elementary school students STEM lessons. For the application essays, Chase guided Finn through multiple drafts, providing detailed feedback on how to highlight his passion for engineering and unique experiences in a way that resonated with admissions committees. Chase helped Finn develop a cohesive narrative that tied together his academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and personal story, making his applications stand out to the admissions teams at Northwestern, the University of Washington, and Purdue University. Through this comprehensive and supportive approach, Chase was instrumental in helping Finn achieve his college admission goals.

Key Results
We’re proud to share
Finn Hazen
's results:
Northwestern University
University of Washington
Purdue University
Reflections & Testimonials
Finn's Experience with Dewey Smart

Before working with Dewey Smart, I had a lack of direction, lack of knowledge about what colleges want in an applicant. I was really confused about the entire Comm App process really. I mostly wanted to assemble a solid, realistic list of schools I would enjoy attending. I knew that would be difficult because Engineering schools are very competitive, and I didn't know which ones would accept me. Chase helped me create a list and have the best possible shot at these schools. He also helped cut through all of the vague/common advice on social media to get specific, actionable feedback.

In order to improve my resume, Chase helped me put together a STEM lesson for students at my local elementary school, addressing a hole in my application that I was blind to before working with him. In addition, a lot of work we did together was on the application essays. I can't express how useful it was to have an expert like Chase help me cut through all the BS and write genuinely compelling essays. Huge difference! 

My experience was very positive. Chase was a great mentor and really dedicated at helping me out, even after our meetings with helpful texts and emails. I always felt like Chase made an effort to get to know me beyond the application and help express those aspects of my identify in. my application. We will still keep in touch! 

Testimonial from Finn's Mom Lisa: "Thank you so much! You guys are fantastic. So many of my friends have been disappointed with their college advisors. I have been referring them to you from far and wide. If you need a testimonial, say the word. I am purchasing more counseling sessions today."
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Finn Hazen
’s Case
How Finn Entered His Top 3 Engineering Schools

Finn knew he wanted to enter some of the best Engineering programs in the country, but he wasn't certain how. He had heard a lot of vague advice about college applications on social media, and he needed help discerning fact from fiction.

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