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Eager to make the most out of your summer? At Dewey Smart, we help students across the country create unique and impactful summer plans that set them apart from their peers.
College Admissions are More Competitive Than Ever
Making the Most of Your Summer is No Longer an Option
Scores aren’t the only things important to your admissions into top universities like Stanford and Harvard. Making the most of summers is crucial for high school students, as it not only enhances their college applications but also contributes to their personal and academic growth. It’s a chance to demonstrate passion, commitment, leadership, and the ability to thrive in diverse and challenging environments, all of which are qualities highly-valued by top-tier colleges and universities!
Demonstrate Initiative, Passion, and Commitment
Build a Well-Rounded Profile
Gain Networking Opportunities
Develop Transferable Skills
Enhance College Essays & Interviews
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The Dewey Smart Guide to College-Ready Summers
Personalized Guidance That Doesn’t Leave You Sunburned
Don’t get sunburned by cookie-cutter plans! Our Team of Ivy League & Top University Counselors understands that each student is unique. We provide personalized guidance tailored to students’ interests, strengths, and aspirations - all aligned with college and career goals. Together, we’ll create a summer plan that makes a difference in your admissions applications.
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We’ve Mastered Planning around Vacations
Have plans? We create a summer schedule that works for you, providing students with a veritable treasure trove of resources and opportunities that fill gaps in their profiles to impress admissions officers.

Whether you’re free for two weeks or two months, we’ve got you covered!
100s of
Summer Course
Research Programs
Volunteering &
Community Service
Passion Projects
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We Ride Waves of Success
We’re not just about sun and fun. We’re here to fuel your journey to admissions success, and our track record speaks for itself! Our students have gone on to enter prestigious colleges and universities, armed with impressive summer experiences that caught the eyes of admissions officers. Join the ranks of successful students who trusted Dewey Smart for their college journey.
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How It Works
Schedule a consultation with our team to share your aspirations, interests, and academic strengths. We diagnose your profile and assess opportunities to fill gaps with distinctive experiences.
Personalized Planning
Receive a customized summer plan crafted to maximize your potential and align with your college and career goals.
Guidance & Support
Throughout your summer journey, our team provides ongoing support and guidance with a personal college counselor whose background aligns with your interests to ensure your success!
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