Financial Aid Strategies You Can Take All the Way to the Bank
Scholarships & Financial Aid Support
At Dewey Smart, we believe student life is a thrilling journey, but let’s be real. . . the financial hurdles can be a real downer. Crushing student loans, elusive scholarships, and the ever-present question: ‘How in the world am I going to pay for all of this?!’

We’re here to show your family how to get those dollars in ways that make sense.
There’s Something Out There for Everyone
In the United States, high school students have access to a variety of financial aid and scholarships opportunities to help fund their education.

It’s crucial for students to explore their options and apply for multiple opportunities to maximize their chances of securing financial assistance for their education.
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Federal Student Aid: Grants & Loans for Students with Financial Needs
Scholarships: Awards for Academic, Athletic, Artistic, or Social Achievement
State-Based Aid: Financial Support Reserved for In-State Residents
Military Aid: Funds Provided for Families of Those Who Have Served
Representation Funds: Scholarships & Aid Reserved for LGBTQ+, Ethnic Minority, and Disability Communities
Want to Learn the Best Financial Options for Your Family? FREE 30 Min Consultation Today!
The Dewey Smart Guide to Cashing-In
Turn Tuition Nightmares into a Financial Dream Come True
Our goal is to help you overcome financial barriers, so your student graduates with a diploma and not a mountain of IOUs!
Interactive Guidance: Our Virtual Counseling Sessions ensure expert advice is delivered straight to your screen, as we walk your student through exactly how to start and finish applications.
Comprehensive Databases: We share massive lists of Student Aid and Scholarship opportunities available for students across the country to compile individual options.
Expert Insights: Our Team of Experts knows every step of the way in order to provide a clear path for both students and parents.
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Your Ticket to Financial Freedom Starts Here
We take a step-by-step approach to funding your student’s education:
Personalized Strategies
We create tailored strategies to help students maximize their potential for all forms of financial assistance.
Efficient Investigation
We help students find the Student Aid and Scholarship opportunities they have the best chance to receive.
Clear Organization
We create lists, record application deadlines, and assemble all the requirements - including essays.
Application Assistance
We guide students and parents through the entire application process to complete all the frustrating paperwork.
Renewal Advice
We teach students how to understand renewal criteria to ensure they continue to receive their financial aid until graduation.
Teen Getting Help with College Admissions
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More than ever, students are graduating college with uncertain financial futures, with loan obligations from which they may never be free. Let’s uncover a world of financial opportunities tailored just for your student, so their future is bright!

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