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The college admissions process may feel like an intricate maze, complete with unexpected twists and turns. Let Dewey Smart be your strategic solution for building target lists, college essay help & tutoring.

College Acceptance Coaching

At Dewey Smart, our innovative near-peer education model is reshaping the learning landscape. Connect with mentors from top institutions for a transformative mentorship experience, fostering academic excellence, personal growth, and career readiness. Our mentors, sourced from prestigious institutions, serve as role models, providing insights into subjects and broader challenges. Dewey Smart is dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for success, both academically and in life. Join us for a unique educational journey that combines the power of near-peer mentorship with top-tier insights and support.

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Dewey Smart has helped students get admitted into Ivy League & Top 50 Universities

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Find a Harvard TutorCoach for applying to PrincetonCornell University Tutoring RatesYale Admissions Support and AdviceDartmouth TutorBrown University College Admissions helpUPenn College Tutor
Find a Harvard TutorCoach for applying to PrincetonCornell University Tutoring RatesYale Admissions Support and AdviceDartmouth TutorBrown University College Admissions helpUPenn College Tutor

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Here’s How We Work
Optimize Your Application
Maximize your application's potential with College Admissions Counseling from Dewey Smart.
Fine-tune your essay idea, word choice, and sentence structure with comprehensive feedback and edits.
Ensure you don't miss any application deadlines or requirements by working with experienced Dewey Smart counselors who have been through the process themselves.
Discover scholarship and honor program opportunities with Dewey Smart.
Build Your Student Resume
Give your college application a significant boost with Dewey Smart's Internship Match Program, allowing you to intern with prestigious organizations.
Develop an independent study project that will leave a lasting impression on admissions officers.
Collaborate with Dewey Smart to refine your application, express your passions, and fine-tune your essays.
Rely on Dewey Smart's experienced counselors to navigate the college admissions process and seize scholarship and honor program opportunities.
Elevate Your College Candidacy
Enhance your college application with Dewey Smart's internship opportunities at various tech startups and affiliated non-profits.
Craft an independent study project that will captivate college admissions officers.
Leverage Dewey Smart's expertise to optimize your application, from brainstorming to final edits.
Benefit from the guidance of Dewey Smart's seasoned counselors, who can help you meet deadlines and explore scholarship and honor program options.
The Dewey Difference

Counselors, Coaches & Tutors

Dewey Smart serves as a college counseling platform, facilitating connections between high school students and near-peer mentors who are just a step ahead in their academic journey.

Discover a contemporary approach to college advising with our expert team of recent graduates and top students. Our college admission consultants and mentors bring current insights and a dynamic perspective to guide you through the admissions process. Unlike traditional services, we offer a modern touch to help you succeed in your college journey. Elevate your experience with advisors who understand the evolving landscape of college admissions.

A personalized, team-based approach
Dewey Smart follows a customized, cooperative approach, with each student being matched with a counselor of their choice who remains their guide throughout the entire process.
We have a team of 50+ counselors at almost every top school, so we can also connect you with different counselors as needed.
World-class resources
Hundreds of blog articles written by current students at top universities
Harvi: Your personal AI college counselor.
A community of like-minded students
College admissions is stressful, especially for students at schools where they are the only one applying to top schools.
Teen Getting Help with College Admissions
Getting Started With College Counseling is Easy as Dewey Smart

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