Case Study
Bruna Collodetti de Souza

SAT and 100% College Application Acceptances

Student Profile
G12 - Henrico, Virginia
Dewey Smart Tutoring & Test Prep Coach: Sitara - Columbia University Dewey Smart College Counseling Coach: Alexandra - Yale University
Bruna came to Dewey Smart looking for the full package: Tutoring & Test Prep and College Admissions Counseling! We helped her dramatically improve her SAT score and apply to all 19 of her higher education institutions.
Challenges Faced

1st Generation Student

SAT Test Prep

College Applications

Before working with Dewey Smart, Bruna had no idea of how to begin the college application process or whether or not she could even improve her SAT score at all.

She knew she wanted to pursue higher education, but she needed to figure out where and how, as she is the first of her family to apply anywhere in the United States. As a first-generation student, there were many unknowns for Bruna, and she needed total guidance on the entire process. Initially, there was a bit of a steep learning curve, but Bruna’s positive attitude and enthusiasm for doing everything she could bolstered her confidence.

When it came to the SAT, she wanted to improve her overall score but didn’t necessarily understand where she was losing points, so she was unable to focus on precisely how to do so, and she thought about not submitting a score at all.

Consultation Process

SAT Strategies

To begin with, we provided Bruna a comprehensive SAT Diagnostic Test in order to better understand her strengths and weaknesses, so we could create a personal learning plan that targeted areas for improvement. This is essential to not only improving but also improving efficiently, with step-by-step goals toward learning individual question types across the different sections of this complex exam. From there, she worked closely with Sitara to learn the subject knowledge required to tackle each question type in systematic ways, using various processes of elimination to manage her time and improve her score. Sitara provided past SAT papers, homework activities, and other materials to help Bruna make the most of her time between sessions.

College Admissions Counseling Strategies

After an initial consultation call with Bruna and her family, we provided them with our complementary Student Survey, which asks key questions about students’ profile to best understand their admissions potential and match them with a College Counselor with a background in the subject area. Bruna targeted Pre-Med programs, so she began her work with Alexandra right away.

Alexandra taught Bruna the entire application process for US universities from start to finish and showed her exactly how to maximize her potential. They targeted both in-state and out-of-state options, and they applied for multiple scholarship opportunities to assist the financial responsibility of hefty tuition fees. Alexandra provided close oversight of all Bruna’s application essays, and they were successfully able to submit nearly every application early!

Key Results
We’re proud to share
Bruna Collodetti de Souza
's results:

+110 SAT Points

100% University Application Acceptance Rate

South Carolina University

Virginia Commonwealth University

The University of Cincinnati

& More

Reflections & Testimonials
Bruna’s Experience with Dewey Smart

My goals while working with Dewey Smart were 1) to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity I had to apply to universities in the United States (something that is a dream for students of other countries, 2) understand what we be the best fits for a Pre-Med major to pursue, and 3) improve as much as possible on my SAT score. My most important goal, however, was to look back at the end of this process and know that I did everything I could to benefit my future.

Even though all of my results haven’t come in yet, I have been accepted to every single school I’ve heard back from thus far! I’ve also been accepted into six honors programs and received a couple of hefty scholarships. With such a great team from Dewey Smart, I am sure to expect many more acceptance letters!

Thank you so much to my coaches, Sitara and Alexandra, for supporting me in this process and being fantastic role models for the person I wish to be one day!

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Bruna Collodetti de Souza
’s Case
SAT and 100% College Application Acceptances

Bruna came to Dewey Smart looking for the full package: Tutoring & Test Prep and College Admissions Counseling! We helped her dramatically improve her SAT score and apply to all 19 of her higher education institutions.

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