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About Us

Dewey Smart is here to make a permanent impact on your life. We are not some anonymous tutoring service and have selected our tutors specifically to be the very best. Our team of dedicated 'near-peer' tutors will serve as college counselors, admissions consultants and after-school tutors for your teen. Our online tutors hail from Ivy League and Top Universities to provide personal and professional insights into what it takes to succeed. We have been there and done that and know how to help you make your dreams a reality.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Teens learn better from members of their generation
Up-to-Date Insights
Our recent graduates provide students with the most current insights into evolving admissions criteria, trends, and application strategies.
Relatable Guidance
Near-peer mentors offer relatable guidance, as they recently navigated the most competitive college admissions processes.
Empathetic Understanding
As near-peer mentors, we vividly recall the challenges and emotions associated with academics, test prep, and college admissions, creating a supportive rapport.
Leadership & Resources
Our leadership team has a combined 50+ years in academics, test prep, and college admissions, overseeing every aspect of your journey with knowledge and resources.
Meet Our Leaders
Everyone at Dewey Smart has been successful in achieving our academic goals, and we’ve experienced how today’s college admissions have changed significantly from what we were told to expect.
Founder of Dewey Smart College Admissions Counseling pREP
Michael Gao
Founder & CEO

I founded Dewey Smart from my freshman year dorm room at Columbia University. After 4 stressful years of high school, I wanted to make the path to college easier for future students. I went to a high school where there were 200+ students for one college counselor. When I had a question about AP Calculus or writing college essays, I turned to Reddit. Dewey Smart was born out of a desire to make sure every student got the support they needed to succeed.

College Admissions Consultant
Emerson Blais
Director of Admissions

Before Dewey Smart, I spent 16 years helping students from all across the world get into top universities. At Dewey Smart, I saw the opportunity to contribute to an impactful mentorship culture that goes beyond traditional tutoring and college counseling. As the Director of Admissions, I am eager to help shape the future of high-achieving students by providing expert guidance and connecting them with mentors who have walked the halls of prestigious institutions.

Meet Our Tutors
Discover a powerhouse of tutors, college admissions coaches, and mentors—all recent graduates and top students from Ivy League colleges. Elevate your academic journey with personalized guidance and expertise. Unleash your potential with tutors who've walked the same path applying to top schools.
Amritha Ramesh
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Annabelle Kim
Economics & History
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Ariel Ma
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Ashley Thommana
Pre-Med (BS/MD - 7 Years)
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Ayoola Fadahunsi
Pre-Law (International and Public Affairs & English)
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Brian Kan
Computer-Science & Economics
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Teen Getting Help with College Admissions
Parents can get their teen connected with tutors at top, Ivy League colleges.

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