Believe It or Not; You Want Virtual Learning
At Dewey Smart, we understand that most students are behind schedule when it comes to college planning. That’s why we bring our remote tutoring and virtual college counseling services directly to your student’s devices! Working remotely helps us get started fast and allows us to connect with your high school student ASAP to carve out their college path.
Trying to Find Tutoring, Test Prep, or Admissions Counseling Near You?
Let’s Face It: Nobody Drives for In-Person Anymore
While there may be local tutors or college counselors floating around somewhere in the solar system of your community, there are a number of reasons why online consultants are better than hiring the random tutors who live nearby:
Hiring ‘the Locals’
Limited Choices
Scheduling Nightmares
No Standards
Lack of Accountability
Choosing Dewey Smart
Ivy League & Top University Coaches
Flexible Scheduling 7 Days / Week
Proven Results
Personally-Tailored Plans  
End-to-End Leadership Support
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Dewey Smart’s Ivy League Team & Your Future
We have a squad of Ivy League coaches knowledgeable about your dream school!
Meet Our Leaders
At Dewey Smart, we know exactly what to expect when it comes to achieving academic and admissions goals. Today's landscape isn't what it used to be, and that means making the most of online opportunities!
Founder of Dewey Smart College Admissions Counseling pREP
Michael Gao
Founder & CEO

Our Founder Michael Gao scored a 36 ACT and a 1550 SAT and understood the value of providing near-peer mentorship to students hoping to learn what it takes to enter top universities. He started Dewey Smart in his Columbia University dorm room, and since then, our team has grown to help students across the United States achieve their goals!  

Our Team of 50 Ivy League Tutors and College Counselors are valedictorians, research scientists, entrepreneurs, wealth managers, AP Scholars, National Merit Scholars, and all-around impressive members of their communities who enjoy working with students of all backgrounds.

Dewey Smart was born out of a sincere desire to make sure every student gets the support needed to succeed.

College Admissions Consultant
Emerson Blais
Director of Admissions

Before Dewey Smart, I spent 16 years helping students from all across the world get into top universities. At Dewey Smart, I saw the opportunity to contribute to an impactful mentorship culture that goes beyond traditional tutoring and college counseling. As the Director of Admissions, I am eager to help shape the future of high-achieving students by providing expert guidance and connecting them with mentors who have walked the halls of prestigious institutions.

Meet Our Tutors
Discover a powerhouse of tutors, college admissions coaches, and mentors—all recent graduates and top students from the Ivy League & Top Universities. Elevate your academic journey with personalized guidance and expertise. Unleash your potential with tutors who've walked the same path applying to top schools.
Alexander Zhang
CS, Human & Organizational Development
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Alexandra Martinez Garcia
Columbia University NYC Tutor
Alyson Jiang
Columbia University NYC Tutor
We Combine Seasoned Leadership with Ivy League Mentors and Cutting-Edge Approaches
We Get Your Student Rolling Online with 1:1 Tutoring & College Counseling
Sure - you can shake hands with an in-person tutor - but we offer quite a bit more than germs:
Flexible Scheduling & Sessions Anytime
We’re available from 9AM-10PM, 7 days-a-week, in your time zone.
No more commuting hassles! Your high school student can schedule sessions at times that suit their convenience, accommodating even the busiest of schedules. 
Say goodbye to rigid schedules! All our students receive a personal scheduling link to choose the days/times that work best for them that can change from week to week.
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Globally Accessible Quality
Are the best options limited to your zip code? We’re doubtful. Our team consists of Ivy League & Top University tutors and college counselors from across the country.
We’re Valedictorians, Salutatorians, AP Scholars with Distinction, National Merit Scholars, and all-around all-stars dedicated to helping you know exactly what it takes to fix your student’s high school resume.
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Virtually Unlimited Resources
Ditch the printer! You instantly gain access to our myriad resources for tutoring and college counseling - all at your fingertips.
Course Guides
Activity Books
Test & Past Papers
Community Service & Volunteer Opportunities
Research Programs
& More!
Dewey Smart students never pay for additional resources. Book a Free Consultation to see what we have for your student.
Organized College Plan
You know those crumpled pieces of paper in your backpack that you can’t even read anymore? Yeah - forget those! Our digital resources ensure everything remains pristine for future reference.
We create dedicated digital folders on Google Drive to securely store and save all of your work, just like your school does.
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1:1 Interactive Learning Experiences without Bad Breath
Our virtual classrooms are designed to be engaging and interactive. Enjoy personalized attention, collaborative discussions, and real-time feedback, replicating traditional face-to-face experiences without the bad breath.
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You’ve Got Mail!
Summaries of Every Session Delivered Straight to Your Inbox
After every single session of tutoring or college counseling, you receive a comprehensive summary of what was covered, with detailed feedback on your student’s strengths and areas for improvement, as well as homework assignments and plans for the next meeting.
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Teen Getting Help with College Admissions
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