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Dewey Smart’s tutors will coach your child into becoming a top applicant & guide them through every step in the college admissions process.
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Use our coaches to set you up throughout your high school journey, even starting to plan for college in the 8th grade. After matching your teen to one of our mentors from top colleges & universities, your consultant will coach and tutor you from your freshman year in high school to your freshman year in college. Get help planning for college!
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Parent of a 11th Grader

My son was on a time crunch to have a large amount of work completed by a particular date. Histutor kept my son on track by setting appointments, goals, and providing guidance to accomplishthe educational requirements. Thank you so much for helping my son where I could not. We couldnthave done it without you!

Karen M.
Parent of a 10th Grader

My son told me that his hour-long tutoring session today felt like 10 minutes and that it was fun! He understood the material enough to work his way successfully through the end of the lesson independently. Worth every penny!

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Find a Harvard TutorCoach for applying to PrincetonCornell University Tutoring RatesYale Admissions Support and AdviceDartmouth TutorBrown University College Admissions helpUPenn College Tutor
Find a Harvard TutorCoach for applying to PrincetonCornell University Tutoring RatesYale Admissions Support and AdviceDartmouth TutorBrown University College Admissions helpUPenn College Tutor

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Chart Your Course to College Success with Expert Counseling!
Navigate the intricate college admissions process with clarity and confidence through personalized counseling services. Our experienced team is dedicated to your college and career aspirations. From crafting standout applications to strategic advice on college selection, we're here to unlock your potential and maximize your opportunities.
Academic Guidance
Extracurricular Development
Application Management
& More!
We provide outstanding resources and support aligned with your goals to make admissions dreams realities!
Unlock Academic Success with Personalized Tutoring Excellence!
Experience the transformative power of tailored academic support with our Academic Tutoring services across every subject. Our dedicated tutors are committed to understanding your unique learning style and academic goals. With 1:1 sessions and comprehensive study plans, we craft an educational journey that resonates with you.
Quiz Prep
Subject Learning
Syllabus Review
& More!
Elevate your grades and embrace a deeper understanding of your subjects!
Super-Charge Your Success with Our Proven Test Prep!
Ace those crucial high school tests with our specialized services designed to elevate your performance. Our expert tutors employ strategic techniques to decode exam patterns, ensuring you're fully prepared for success. From comprehensive content review to targeted practice, we tailor our approach to your unique learning needs.
& More!
Boost your confidence, sharpen your skills, and enter exams assured of success!
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“Near Peer” Purpose

Founded in a Columbia dorm room, Dewey Smart is committed to helping students stand out in an increasingly intricate and competitive college admissions process. Our team of near-peer tutors and admissions counselors equips students with the skills to navigate applications and construct a compelling story that captures the attention of college admissions officers. Our goal is to help students realize their college and career dreams!

Having near peer college admissions help means your student will have someone inside their generation to motivate and show them the way to become the type of student to get accepted.

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Parents can get their teen connected with tutors at top, Ivy League colleges.

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